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Castle Siege Lite Castle Siege Lite v1.1

Evil creatures are threatening the peace of our land, by attacking the king's castles.
An unnamed hero is summoned to defend the reign, but will he be able to accomplish this task?

Test your skills in this castle defense game. Follow the story of your hero, becoming a legend among his people!


Grab And Run Grab And Run v1.4.2

Release 1.4.2:
- Now you can choose 2 different characters! The solid Drake or the quick Jay!
- Added a new enemy type

Are you skilled enough to escape the evil droids? Prove it!

Help your robot to gather all the coins before your enemies come to waste the party!
Run from them, and if they are getting close.. dig them in the ground!

You will need all your skills in this mix of platform, action and puzzle game where fast thinking is they key to win.


Summoner Call Summoner Call v2.0.0

Are you ready for the final battle to defend your reign?
Join the battle in this CCG (Collectible Card Game) with a simplified and quicker gameplay, with some RPG elements such as character levelling and deck improvements.

- 3 heroes and 21 enemies with different attributes sets
- Over 60 cards with various effects
- 15 creatures to summon on your side
- Local and Global Leaderboards share with WP7 users
- An exciting soundtrack
- And much much more


Tap That Building! Tap That Building! v1.0

The newest game on the Tap That series!
Will you beat all the records and be the number one in the world? Be aware, in this one you'll need a fast eye more than ever!

Increase the bonus and check out the special items that will pop from time to time, this is the only way to climb up the ladder and be the best!

- Time Trial/Infinite Mode
- Local and Global Leaderboards - Shared with Windows Phone users!
- A spectacular soundtrack
- Social networks integrations

Good luck!


Tap That Cow! Tap That Cow! v1.1.5

The farm is full! Tap the cow, make room for the animals! Who will be the last?

Prove you have fast eyes and faster fingers in classic tap game.
Shake your phone to get more items, wait for the right time, and tap it!
Featuring special items, bombs, bonus and helpers to make it more fun!

2 different game modes: the quick and unforgiving time trial, and the infinite relaxing mode.

Designed for any screen size, x-small to x-large tablets.
Features a unique soundtrack!


Tap That Fruit! Tap That Fruit! v1.1.5

It's fruit time! No jokes, you have to be faster than ever! Tap it, or eat it!

Train your finger and your eye to work together in this frenetic game!

Check what the game asks you, and tap it! Is it an apple? An orange? It doesn't matter, just tap it as fast as you can.

Featuring 2 modes: Time Trial and Infinite Mode
Also featuring:
- Local and Global Leaderboards
- A spectacular soundtrack
- Social networks integrations
- And much more!!

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