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Armada Arcade Armada Arcade v1.6

Take command of a starship and fight the Armada in this
intense action game. Upgrade your ship and develop new weapons as you hunt huge Elites. Use smooth touch controls to tightly navigate your way through an evolving maze of asteroids, creatures, and missiles in this hybrid mash-up of arcade shooter classics.

Multiplayer: supports up to two players on one device.


Spiral Lands Spiral Lands v1.5

Spiral Lands is 100% free.
Spiral Lands is a collection of puzzle games set in a colorful fantasy world.
The puzzles are based on Pipes, Links, Islands in the Stream (Nurikabe), and Light Up (Akari).
All the puzzles are algorithmically generated, and can be played at your own pace.
Story mode is a nice introduction to logic puzzles for beginners. Eternal offers infinite puzzles of increasing difficulty. Challenge mode lets you change puzzle settings and instantly solve them if you wish.

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