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Dig Dash Mania Dig Dash Mania v1.02

Dig to incredible depths in this fantastic adventure. Guide Digger through a colorful labyrinth of ever shifting caverns. Collect valuable gems and critical air supplies along your journey as you navigate to the bottom! A digtastic adventure filled with ground shaking excitement!


Frog Rush Frog Rush v1.04

The pond has been overrun with frogs, can you handle the mad rush? Frog Rush features 40+ levels, each more challenging with new objectives to complete. Click the frogs, eat the flies and beat the clock!


Graveyard Run Graveyard Run v1.02

Enjoy the fast paced action, just in time for Halloween. Collect the haunted pumpkins while running through the spooky graveyard. Watch out for the ghouls or they will take your loot!


Jetpack Journey Free Jetpack Journey Free v1.14

Join in on the high flying adventure with Jetpack Journey. Collect coins throughout dangerous environments to unlock more levels, win trophies and get the top score!

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