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Dots That Dodge Dots That Dodge v1.03

Dots That Dodge is a highly challenging game that tests your hand-eye coordination as well as your reflexes. Dots That Dodge is an endless game where you have to evade all the Walls and collect the Stars to gain points.


Pong! Extreme Pong! Extreme v1.01a

Behold the latest and greatest Ping Pong game to be ever released! Challenge your friends to an intense game of Pong with over 3 levels of difficulty to select from. Featuring stunning retro 8-bit graphics that brings your gaming experience to a whole new level!
Play a 30 seconds match of Ping Pong with your friends to find out who deserves the title of the Ping Pong master.
No lives or ball limit, just 30 seconds of Ping Pong action.

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