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Amazing Castle Defense Amazing Castle Defense v1.0

Prepare to defend your castle. The enemy is at your door. Call to arms and send out your troops in this classic side scrolling tower defense game.Dont wait and be first to unleash your warriors and bring him down. Choose between different unit types, use some magic to heal your troops or to call the thunder strike upon your foe.


Augmented LightSaber Augmented LightSaber v1.4.1

Become the real jedi with this new augumented lightsaber. Change the blade colour and hilt to customise your saber. Move the phone around to get the different sounds.


Scary Display Prank Scary Display Prank v1.0

Want to make a cruel joke on your friends? Try this application. Select the image you want to display and define the trigger type. You can set it to display immediately after few seconds or be triggered by touch.

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