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Mobile application development.

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1100 Hadith Malay 1100 Hadith Malay v3.5

1100 Hadis Terpilih Malay/Indo in Indo / Malay language.


Arabic Dictionary Sharpsol Arabic Dictionary Sharpsol v3.5

It well be one of the best English to Arabic dictionary of the market.


Bangla Dictionary Bangla Dictionary v3.5

English to Bangla Dictionary
English to Bangla Dictionary is an completely free and offline Bengali Dictionary or Bangla Dictionary.


battery widget battery widget v3.5

We came with a stunning solution using the power of Android . Our Battery Application has the Activity as well
as a widget which can give you all the information about your battery .


BirdsSounds BirdsSounds v3.5

These are the sounds of all seasons and feels good in every mood .


Bouncing Ball Free 3D Bouncing Ball Free 3D v0.1

Bouncing Ball 3D is a puzzle rolling and jumping ball game. The concept is simple: Using Joystick, you can move the ball to the exit.


Candy Smasher Candy Smasher v3.0.7

This game is a puzzle category game,with great entertainment.


Car Parking Car Parking v3.0.9

Car Parking is a great parking simulator.
You have to park the car on different parking locations given in the game.


Car Theft Car Theft v3.0.7

Car Theft is single player multileveled action game on market,
Its not just car simulation or just car driving it is a plan to escape from the prison.


Car Thefts Car Thefts v1.0

Theft of a police car by innocent prisoner
Car Theft is single player multi level Best action game on the play market,
a game comprises a plan to hijack the police car to escape from the prison .

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