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Alien Rescue Alien Rescue v1.2

Save all the aliens on each of the levels. As you progress the ship will get faster, making it difficult not to crash.


Always Hungry Always Hungry v1.0.0

With the buttons on the screen control the worm direction. Try to eat as many apples as you can. The more you eat the higher the score. But avoid touching the grass or the caterpillar will abandon the stage, ending the game.


Car Inspection Car Inspection v1.0.0

Inspect a car by pointing out what is wrong with it.


Carwash (Reloaded) Carwash (Reloaded) v1.4.0

Test drive your favorite car. But first you are going to have to wash it before taking the car onto the road.


Colientita Colientita v1.5

Help Colientita find where her nest will be located by reaching the "white egg" . After collecting the egg, her nest will appear. Get to the nest before time runs out.


ColorMe ColorMe v1.6.0

Touch a color, then drag the paintbrush to the car to start coloring it.


Cooking Pancakes Cooking Pancakes v1.1

Test your cooking skills. Make delicious pancakes using this awesome recipe.


Create A Superhero Create A Superhero v1.4.0

Create and Customize your Superhero.


CreateAWrestler CreateAWrestler v1.6

Create and customize a wrestler (dress up).


DestroyACar DestroyACar v1.0.0

Find the objects on the stage (some are hiding) and use them to cause damage to the car. Move the object on the part of the car you think would cause damage and Double Tap.

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