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Bricks Bricks v2.0

The game Bricks random figures fall from the top in a rectangular glass. In flight, the player can rotate the figure and move it horizontally. You can also "accelerate" figure, that is to accelerate its fall, when it has been decided where the figure should fall. Figure flies until stumble on another figure or a bottom of the cup. If the filled horizontal row of 10 cells, it disappears and all that is above it falls on one cell.
The game is available in three levels of difficulty.


Puzzles Different Puzzles Different v1.0

Puzzles Different - quite an interesting game.
The aim of this game is that you should fold of the elements (pieces) cut pictures.
After touching the selected puzzle (piece), you can drag it to a new location. And so you need to act until the image is fully folded.

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