PUZZLEQUESTIONS's applications

Fossil Jigsaws Fossil Jigsaws v1.0.4

When Dinosaurs, plants and other animals died in a lake or bog their bodies were preserved in the dirt over time so that millions of years later we could discover them an be amazed in wonder at what they looked like and how they lived. Play these 10 fossil jigsaw puzzles with 4 different difficulties against your family and friends to see who can solve the dinosaur games the quickest.


Free Animal Puzzles Free Animal Puzzles v3.1.3

Fun free puzzle animal games for girls, boys, kids and adults!


Rainbow Jigsaw Rainbow Jigsaw v1.0.4

When the sun goes through water high up in the sky beautiful rainbows appear.
With 10 gorgeous rainbow jigsaw puzzles for you to solve you'll have lots of fun with this game.
4 different difficulty levels allow for all ages to play these fun games.

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