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Alabama Smith Alabama Smith v1.0

Set off a quest to find an artifact that will allow you to travel through time!


Battlenova Battlenova v1.2.0

After a freak lab accident infected him with the DNA of an unknown species, Harry’s life as Biotechnologist for the Ministry of National Defense was destroyed. He mutated into an Alien and gained the ability to evolve at a fast rate. The MND failed to eliminate him, and Harry escaped to outer space, where he created a host of other Aliens.


Bingo Bingo v1.4.0

Bingo LIVE! is the premier free bingo game. Play live, real-time multiplayer bingo with your friends and other users.


BlackJack BlackJack v1.0.54

FREE Live Blackjack! Join a table, place your bets and jump into fast-action casino Blackjack. Rally your friends from around the world to take down the house and win the most chips.


Burn the Rope: Worlds Burn the Rope: Worlds v1.0.7

Burn the Rope:Worlds & Friends lights up your Android all over again with 100 brand-new levels, four different themed worlds including Jungle, Mechanical, Fantasy and Space; and an exciting brand new mini-game called Endless Burn.


Candypot! Candypot! v1.2

Candypot! Pocket is a magical Social Puzzle Game where players need to be quick and smart in order to score points and find ingredients to discover new candy types which will help them on their journey!


Castle of Shadows Castle of Shadows v1.3

The ultimate portable ACTION game is here! Featuring powerful weapons, magnificent skills, smooth gameplay and awesome graphics.


Farm Invaders Farm Invaders v1.12

The gardening gloves are off! Prepare for produce pandemonium in the farm game with a twist. Choose to help your friends or harvest some havoc. Plant and maintain a variety of tasty crops like oranges, mangos, and dragonfruit, while keeping a sharp eye out for pesky weed and vermin attacks from others. Who will end up with the best farm in this feud?


Fish Reef Deluxe Fish Reef Deluxe v1.50

Welcome to Fish Reef Deluxe! The awesome undersea adventure!

Collect as many fish as you can in amazing colors, shapes and sizes! Use your net shooter to catch killer whales, sharks and hundreds of other species. Compete globally with other players by earning points for every catch!


FishReef FishReef v1.0.2

Get into FISH REEF and ensnare as many fish you can with your trusty net shooter. Just tap the screen to shoot your nets, and watch your points increase with every catch. See how you stack up against the competition, and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

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