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ColoringBook ColoringBook v16.02.16

Over 600 images to Colour!
Hours of fun for free!
Animals, Planes, Cars, ...


Dots Dots v120205

Connect the dots game for kids. Have fun with over 100 (yes, one hundred) images. Shake your phone to move to next puzzle at any point in time! Cars, Animals, Ships, Christmas and Halloween puzzles in one big package.


DotsChristmas DotsChristmas v11.11.05


Connect the dots with four game options:
- next dot highlighted
- letters (A,B,C,...)
- numbers (1,2,3,...)
- no help - find the right order

For more fun the images can appear in random order.

18 Christmas images for your kid to resolve.


Gomoku for Two Gomoku for Two v11.12.11

This is a two player game. Do not hide behind your phone - play with your colleagues on one device :)


Gomoku for two HD Gomoku for two HD v11.12.11

This is a two player game. Do not hide behind your phone - play with your colleagues on one device :)

Perfect for a quick game with your friend during a boring lecture, class or meeting. Designed for large screens (12x16 board).


LittlePiano Free LittlePiano Free v13.05.17


Small and funny application. Piano for you and your kids. Has 13 keys, 1 octave. Very easy to handle.

It supports multitouch and has a very good quality sounds for piano, trumpet, guitar and bells.

Now with "follow me guide" which shows how to play simple melodies (Happy Birthday, Bingo, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Frere Jacques, Oh Susanna, Old McDonald, Yankee Doodle, Ode to Joy, 500 miles, and more ...).


MazeBallFree MazeBallFree v11.11.13

From easy maze for kids to complex one for adults.

Objective: Guide the red ball from left top side of the labyrinth to its bottom right corner (marked green) using your phone accelerometer (tilt sensors).

Each level (easy, medium, hard) has 3 mazes to complete.

Mazes are automatically generated giving you endless fun.


MemoChristmas MemoChristmas v11.10.28

Merry Christmas! Happy new year!

MEMO Game - Christmas edition.

Find pairs of cards in a Christmas themed Memo Game.

Two interface options (hide both cards, keep last up) - so you can play the way you like it. Great fun for kids! Enjoy!


Squares - Animals Squares - Animals v111106

Puzzle Game for kids (3 years old and above). From 3x4 to 8x10 gameboard size. Cute animal drawings. Enjoy!

More drawings will be added in future upgrades.

keywords: kids, puzzle, free game, animals


Squares - Christmas Squares - Christmas v12.01.02

Puzzle for Kids!

15+ images for your kid to complete.

Different board sizes from 3x4 (default, easy) to 8x10(very hard).

Option to proceed without completing a puzzle.

Ad supported version (admob)


keywords: kids, puzzle, game, for children, christmas, fun

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