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Animal Sounds Animal Sounds v1.0

application with real animal sounds, all the animals in your pocket now.Open the application and start to have some fun.Explore a variety of animal calls with this Soundboard.


Black Wallpaper Black Wallpaper v1.0

A picture gallery of mostly blacks.You can assign your favorite picture as the background.Black Wallpapers.



Dexter Dexter v1.0

A picture gallery of mostly Dexter.You can assign your favorite picture as the background.Dexter


Engine Sounds Engine Sounds v1.0

Application, includes sounds of real cars and motorbikes.One of the most important features of the application at the same time knocked on more than one voice, to construct a racing ambience.Featured sounds of cars and motorcycles can be found in this application.About the application questions, comments, questions and suggestions, please mail the report to me.


Gun Sounds Gun Sounds v1.4

all bugs fixed
new design
Added sound playback feature multiple weapons at the same time

This is an app with gun/weapon sounds (ak47, ak74, bazooka, desereagle, dragunov, famasiflak, m4a1, machinegun, magnum, magnumsniper,mp5,p90, shotgun, sliencedpistol, stryraug, thompson, uzi).
More guns coming soon...

Contact me :


Messi and C.Ronaldo Wallpapers Messi and C.Ronaldo Wallpapers v1.0

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo ....The world's best footballers pictures in this program only.Download now and set as background pictures of the two stars.The world's top two super-star.And only in this application.Two-star super pictures.Constantly updated archive spectacular.Experiment definitely has benefits.


Muscle Cars Wallpapers Muscle Cars Wallpapers v1.0

Now, these Americans will be the background of your phone.
American muscle cars ..
Yes,they are a classic.
American car is a way of life.
I have done an application for lovers of American muscle.
Classic cars of this application will be always with you ..


NBA Caricatures NBA Caricatures v1.0

This program is for entertainment purposes.contains cartoons of NBA players.NBA players have never seen this in practice only in cartoons.Use the key to change the pictures back and forth.the phone's back button to return to the previous image, please click on the button is not back in practice.Use the menu option to exit the program to exit the application.errors in the program, please mail the report to me.Have fun


Street Fighter Wallpapers Street Fighter Wallpapers v1.0

A picture gallery of mostly street fighter.You can assign your favorite picture as the background.Street Fighter.


The Jetsons The Jetsons v1.1

JETSONS (beta)

Jetsons flying in the galaxy. But do not have the required amount of gasoline. Therefore need to make emergency landing. Good Luck !

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