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Butterfly Calculator Butterfly Calculator v1.0

Personalize your smartphone with a nice, girly calculator.

Android's first cute calculator designed just for girls. A fully featured calculator which is not just the same old ugly calculator and includes all your basic calculator features. It includes pretty butterflies, roses and wonderful sounding fairy effects. This calculator is just for girls. Not boring, just lots of fun!


Las Vegas Activities Guide Las Vegas Activities Guide v1.0

Have Las Vegas in the palm of your hand.

With the Las Vegas Activity Guide you can:

1) Locate the hottest club or best restaurant in Las Vegas instantly.

2) Make reservations online or call directly from the application.

3) Look up ratings and pull up maps of Las Vegas immediately.


Penny Arcade Penny Arcade v1.0

Want to have fun and relax. Try this game and knock all the little animals of their shelf. You and your children will love this game.


Steampunk calculator Steampunk calculator v1.0

Steampunk Calculator if the perfect calculator for your steampunk themed phone. See the calculator gears spin and steam vents blast as you use this calculator. Nothing is missing on this calculator. Every button in steampunk calculator moves. Every gear turns. Steampunk Calculator is a completely animated calculator that looks great and sounds even better. Try out Steampunk Calculator and you will never use any other calculator!


Steampunk Ghost Communicator Steampunk Ghost Communicator v1.0

Use Steampunk Ghost Communicator to find out secrets about your friends and family. Enter a name into Steampunk Ghost Communicator and see what the spirits say.


Time Out Time Out v1.0

Just launch this game and give it to your kids.

It will entertain your kids with animation, sounds and screen interactions.

Try it. See if your preschoolers enjoys this game and leave comments or suggestions on how we can make this game even better.

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