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CrossAdd CrossAdd v1.1.0

Fast and challenging mathematical game based on a great classic.

Select a cell to reduce its value up to reset it, but beware! The value of all cells in the same row and column will be reduced in the same way!

Only resetting all the cells you will complete a level and move to the next. Can you do it as quickly as possible and selecting the lowest number of cells?


Quick Dice Roller Quick Dice Roller v2.1.4

Quick Dice Roller is an app made for the tabletop RPG Geek. It allow to emulate almost all the complex dice rolls required by those games.

Quick Dice Roller aims to be flexible, complete and handy at the same time.

With Quick Dice Roller it is possible to roll a die with a simple touch, scroll the results list, link results, apply modifiers on the fly and much, much more.

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