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Candy Mania Kids Candy Mania Kids v1.0

Candy Mania Kids is a new colorful and fun game for your kids!
It's so easy to play, just touch and pop the cute candies shapes that fall all around and try to set new score record.
So simple but extremely Addictive!

Your kids will enjoy:
* Differently colored candies.
* A large variety of candies shapes.
* Amazing music and sound effects
* Awesome graphics and animations.

Your kids won't stop playing it!


Fast Guess Fast Guess v1.0

Fast Guess is a new original and addictive game that will test your speed and knowledge by guessing pictures.
The goal is simple, try to guess as fast as you can what picture is hidden behind the shapes,
the faster you guess the more coins you will receive.

Game Features:

- easy-to-play
- amazing user interface
- variety of pictures to guess
- bonus levels

Are you fast enough?


How to Iron How to Iron v1.0

If for you ironing your clothes is a terrifying task or you simply never learned this skill, then this application is right for you!
How to Iron application presents an easy to follow step by step instructions on how to iron properly, with simple explanations and AMAZING ANIMATIONS.
From now on you don't need to rely on somebody else to ensure you look presentable, you can iron your own clothes in less than 5 min.
Ironing has never been so easy!


Tiny Aliens Escape Tiny Aliens Escape v1.16

Tiny Aliens Escape is an ORIGINAL and fun brain game!
Your target is simple, use the push/pull controls to move
the tiny aliens and create a unique shape in each level.
Only when you will succeed, the tiny aliens will be free to return home.
Discover never-before-seen gameplay.
Challenge yourself for hours with 60 addictive levels.
Enjoy amazing graphics and animations.
Tiny aliens need you help!


Virus Virus v1.16

Virus is a fun, simple game that everyone will love to play.
The target is extremely simple, spread the virus squares over the entire board
in a limited number of moves. It's sound easy but Virus has a limited number of moves.
You never played game like Virus before!

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