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Android apps with the following features: client-server architecture, SMS, SMTP, Google API (Docs & Calendar integration), custom UI, video streaming, widget, location based services, in-call operations. Back-end server/web apps using PHP/Python/Java/C/C++. Refer to for reference catalogue.
Development of Android applications.

Nano Equipment's applications

CRMdroid CRMdroid v1.1

Mobile CRM for sales professionals who receive more than a few calls a day. Supports in-call operation, detailed call logs and contacts management, call-back & meetings appointments, synchronization with Google Calendar, import & export database to/from Google Docs for back-up and collaboration. User-defined data fields, etc.


CUT CUT v1.0

Our beautiful host takes you through the latest movie openings in a specially edited video. Updated weekly, it brings main stream and indie releases. Other features include User Reviews, Short Film of the Week, and Cinema Guide.


Facebook Location Updater Facebook Location Updater v1.5.1

Use this Android app to post update on Facebook. The name and Google Maps link of your current location will be attached automatically. Supports auto-update with default message at user-defined frequency. Supports photo attachment with geo-tag at photo caption.


SMS Communications Manager SMS Communications Manager v1.0

A web-based SMS marketing application integrated with Google Apps and Android phone. Low cost yet feature-rich, ideal for small businesses and individual professional service providers. Details at our product page.


Taggers Taggers v1.0

Been there? Leave a virtual Graffito! Taggers is a location-based micro-blogging (Graffiti), reminders (My Notes), and private messaging (1-to-1) service. You can also comment and discuss others' Graffiti. Taggers Widget keeps you aware of any Graffiti, reminders, and private messages for your current location.


Voice SMS Voice SMS v1.0

Use Voice SMS to record and send voice message via SMS (text). Designed to be very easy to use.

3 touches are enough to send a message. Use it when inconvenient to type. Use voice to express what text cannot.

Recipient will receive a normal SMS embedded with the URL where your voice message can be streamed and played.

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