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Egg Catcher Egg Catcher v1.0

Egg catcher game is an interesting & addictive game.Catch the egg and score more


Memory Game Collection Memory Game Collection v5.0

Memory Game collection has 4 games. All the 4 games are designed to test and improve your memory skills.


Panda play school Panda play school v28

"Kids Learning Animals Fruits" is an educative app by Android Blooms, designed for the kids of all ages. Panda has established his thematic play school in a forest, from where he teaches about various animals, fruits and objects in a fun filled way. With this App kids can learn all about, say, animal sounds and interesting facts about animals; Color, taste and Nutritional benefits of Fruits; Inventors and Invention history of objects all in a swipe. It continues with various levels of Quiz.

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