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8-Bit Endless Runner 8-Bit Endless Runner v1.06

8-Bit Endless Running and Jumping type of game.


8-Bit Jump 8-Bit Jump v1.501

8-bit sidescrolling platformer.


8-Bit Jump 2 8-Bit Jump 2 v1.02

8bit platform game similar in gameplay style to old sidescrollers.


8-Bit Jump 3 8-Bit Jump 3 v1.08

Jump and Run game in the style of Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Sonic, Giana Sisters, Jumpman, Lep's World and other games.


Bite Bite Mosquito Bite Bite Mosquito v1.02

Fly a mosquito around and bite people. Avoid the bug zappers.


Caveman War Caveman War v1.02

This game is a platform game similar to old 8-Bit jumping platforming games.


Caveman War 2 Caveman War 2 v1.01

Several million years ago, the Earth was going through an Ice Age. The entire Earth was just one big block of ice. Mankind had to fight to survive. Unfortunately, various Ice Age era animals tried to stop mankind from fulfilling his destiny, to do stuff.

★ Featuring:

★ Awesome music by SpiffCheeseCo.

★ 27 new levels of action

★ This game is action packed to the fullest of your freezer.


Kamikazes Kamikazes v1.09

A fast-pace shooting game resembling 1942 / 1943, Asteroids, Space Invaders and Astrosmash.

Defend your aircraft carrier from the endless supply of Kamikaze planes determined to sink you and your allies into the watery depths of the ocean. Take on the Kamikazes in a Hellcat. Action like you have never seen before. 98% Historically accurate combat.


Super Fight Race Kart Super Fight Race Kart v1.01

The war of the race track begins here.

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