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Be an oligarch! Be an oligarch! v1.0

Be an oligarch, and collect as much money as you can with your barrow! :)


Drag the Blocks Drag the Blocks v1.0.1

Move the color blocks to create 2x2 formations of the same color to disappear them and earn score.
Beware, the blocks stick to each other, so watch your moves!
With the integrated Scoreloop leaderboard compete with your friends or other players to reach the first place, and unlock achievements.


Meme Sliding Puzzle Meme Sliding Puzzle v1.0.1

Classic sliding puzzle with your favourite memes such as:
Scumbag Steve, Good guy Greg, Troll face, Ridiculously photogenic guy etc.


Spin the Maze Lite Spin the Maze Lite v1.1.1

Puzzle game. You have to rotate the selected maze elements to get the ball to the destination.

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