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MobbyWay MobbyWay v1.0.0.15

Mobbyway was developed to allow:
- you to stay connected with your relatives wherever they are.
- your relatives to follow you visually and in real time.
- you to go back at any time to a place where you have already been on a specific date.
- you to travel safely on the road network thanks to the network members: The Mobbynautes.
- you to have a part in the world cartography OpenStreet Map.
Today Mobbyway it is 10000 Mobbynautes using this system, after 20 weeks of explotation.


MobbyWay MobbyWay v1.0.16.4


- Avertisseur des radars fixes mobiles (gestion du sens de flashage) et zones a risques
- Limitateur de vitesse
- Géolocalisation par vos proches par un système d'invitation sur votre mobile.
- Retour sur vos parcours de 15 derniers jours
- Circulation , tendance trafic
- Mode Motard.

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