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Geo Master Geo Master v2.2

Funny quiz game with political maps of the 2010. It is easy to play, but knowledge demanding.


Intonation Intonation v2.0

Use this application to fine tune your voices before any vocal performance. It is easy to use!
Just pick the chord you want to hear and here it is, you are ready to sing!


Simon Simon v1.0

Funny and simple game. Repeat after Simon and exercise your brain.


TicTacToe TicTacToe v1.2

Simple and funny game, very popular Tic Tac Toe. Remember your school days or make them memorable :)
In English and German.


TV Show Quiz TV Show Quiz v1.0

This app is a quiz about TV series.
Do you spend much time sitting on the couch and watching TV series. If yes, this is the right app for you. Try it and become TV Series Master :)


WW2 Weapon Master Trivia WW2 Weapon Master Trivia v1.0

This app is a quiz about World war 2 weapons. If you think you know a lot about this subject, try this quiz a see how are you doing.

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