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Egg Splash Egg Splash v1.0

This is a very simple and extremely playable puzzle game.

The objective of the game is to tap as fast as you can on the empty nest. Each row of nests will have only one empty nest, so if you miss it and tap on an egg instead, it’s game over


Memory Simon Says Memory Simon Says v1.0

Memory Game Simon Says is a simple and addictive memory game. Watch the lights and try to repeat the sequence. The sequence will get longer and faster with each round. But be careful, one wrong tap and... bzzz! game over.


Rescue Animals Rescue Animals v1.0

Zoo animals (elephant, zebra, lion,giraffe) need your help. While trying to explore the world, they were endangered and escaped to high wooden towers. Now they need your help to get them down from their high hidings.


Words Words v1.0

Enrich your vocabulary and play against other players from all over the world!

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