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Brik Brik v1.51

BRIK Brick Breaker is a modern twist on a classic arcade game of smashing bricks. Flex your skills and test your brain in an adventure through different planetary systems into the unknown.

Take the addictive journey though time and space to break all the bricks and smash all the walls built by alien race. Free the universe! Discover new brick types and ways to break them, catch bonuses and space gems, smash alien ghost ships.


Forty Thieves Solitaire HD Forty Thieves Solitaire HD v1.20

Forty Thieves is a challenging solitaire requiring some skill and patience. On easy level you can go through the stock three times which makes it much easier though. On hard level cards on the tableu that are not on top are hidden.

The game is more suited for tablets and large phones because there is a lot of cards on screen - on small screen phones you might have problems navigating (480x320 is absolute minimum resolution).


FreeCell Solitaire HD FreeCell Solitaire HD v1.22

FreeCell - one of the top solitaires in the world - now on your phone or tablet. With three difficulty levels, clear and nice cards that are readable even on small phone screens and look awesome on HD tablets, infinite undo, score and automatic save make it one of the greatest solitaires in Android Market.


Golf Solitaire HD Golf Solitaire HD v1.20

Free Golf Solitaire

Designed for tablets and phones Golf Solitaire HD is a clean implementation of one of the top solitaires!


KlondikeSolitaireHD KlondikeSolitaireHD v1.21

The most popular solitaire in the world - Klondike Solitaire also known as Patience - with clear graphics perfect for phones and tablets of every screen size.


Lost Heroes Lost Heroes v1.05

Engaging puzzle platformer with adventure and arcade elements. Excellent 2D side-scroller for both casual and avid players in love with retro games with head-scratching puzzles and humorous dialogues voiced in a fun bable-talk.


Mahjong HD Mahjong HD v1.45

Classic game of Mahjong Solitaire with lively graphics, automatic zoom, high resolution tiles designed for tablets and larger phones.


MarblesHD MarblesHD v1.41

Marble Lines HD is a classic game where you have to slide marbles to make lines of the same color.


Memory Owl Memory Owl v1.67

Dynamic memory game with physics!


Push the Fluffies Push the Fluffies v1.51

Long time ago on a planet far far away there was a tribe of creatures called the Fluffies. They lived in peace until an Evil Fluffie stolen all their sleepy brothers and scattered them in a strange space-time dimensions... Fluffies went through a portal to save their friends one by one and to defeat the Evil Fluffies...

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