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Game of Thrones Quiz Game of Thrones Quiz v1.2

Quiz (trivia) was created on the basis of series of the HBO station entitled Game of Thrones. TV series is an adaptation of the great saga of books written by George R.R. Martin - A Song of Ice and Fire. Quiz questions concern ONLY elements that were mentioned in the TV series! Questions with various level of difficulty will enable you to complete your knowledge on the series and provide you with entertainment. Check your knowledge on the TV series!


GPSup! GPSup! v1.0

GPSup - more than alarm manager. Does it happens to you to forget to mute your phone when you’re in work/school/college? Now the only thing you need to do is to use our program and set that it will switching off the sounds when you are entering the area of your work/school/college and switching it back when you are leaving. But this is not all! GPSup can store notes, have normal alarms and much, much more...


Guess the Flag! Geography Quiz Guess the Flag! Geography Quiz v1.0

Guess the Flag! Geography Quiz - is a game of identifying flags of countries from around the world. With this application you can expand and test your knowledge about the symbols of countries. Check how many flags you manage to guess and compare your results with your friends! Quiz addition to the educational values ​​will also provide a lot of entertainment!


League of Legend Quiz League of Legend Quiz v1.1.2

Quiz (trivia) is based on champion's quotes of the MOBA game called League of Legends. Questions of various difficulty will allow you to fill knowledge gaps about champions quotes, as well as provide much entertainment. Check your knowledge of League of Legends with our quiz!


Sequence Memory Sequence Memory v1.0

Improve your memory, concentration and the ability to matching! Remember different sequences of images, and then point them in the correct order. The game is also perfect as a warm up before an intense mental effort.

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