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Constantine Constantine v1.1

Myth, hell, legend and the most fashionable game style are all in Constantine! Moreover, massive quests and props, four one-of-a-kind ultimate weapons are all there for you to choose. Embark on the adventurous trip and wipe out the demons right now!


Football Football v1.0

"The most pure soccer, the most senior to enjoy" in 2012! Being man's all-time fave, football is gonna to bump the competition and blow women all away this summer! Still waiting for the first kick-off in front of TV? Damn it! Now download "Football 2012"


Jokes Jokes v1.0

laifu jokes. based on laifu.org


Turbo 3D Racer Turbo 3D Racer v1.0

There’s never too little speed in Turbo 3D Racing


Zombies Crisis Zombies Crisis v1.0

The end of world is coming! City X is a dead land where engines are rumbling and zombies are growling. Dare to set foot on the ruin of the city and rescue the rotten world?
"Zombies Crisis for Android is the best described as a zombies-themed RPG in which players destroy dreadful zombies and get biochemical materials back. - Appeggs.com"

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