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Fingerprint Lock Fingerprint Lock v1.0

Start this app and you phone will be LOCKED.

To unlock the phone you will have to touch the scanning area.
Your friends will be amazed, because this application rejects their fingerprints like a real fingerprint reader, and prevents them to unlock the phone.

If you want to get "Access granted" first you need to touch the top header, if you do not do that you will get access denied.


Gossip Girl Quiz Gossip Girl Quiz v2.1

This quiz is about American teen drama serial movie named Gossip Girl.
It is based on a book and one of the most famous movies these days like:
The Vampire Diaries, Criminal Minds , Glee , Jersey Shore...

This quiz has interesting questions about the main roles in this movie.
It also has pictures that should make it easier for you to get to the right answer.


Hair Trimer Clipper Hair Trimer Clipper v2.0

It's a Hair Trimmer for cutting hair !
It's a free hair clipper app for Android.

This application it simulate a trimmer. Everything that you need to do is to launch (start) the application and your
phone will be able to vibrate and to play a sound that are realistic as doing a real haircut.


Mini world gallery Mini world gallery v1.0

This gallery is very inspirational and creative.These pictures show that human's brain can be so inventive.
- Full HD images
- Save images to sdcard
- Set images as wallpapers
- All wallpapers are resized for a perfect fit.


Nature Beauties Wallpapers Nature Beauties Wallpapers v1.0

Every morning when you wake up first thing you do is check you phone,it is everybody's routine.
Now you can start your day fascinated by the nature beauties and refreshing your mind.
Do you have a lack of excitement and enjoyment in your heart?
You have to see this application in order to fulfill this lack of things in your heart.

I am showing you pictures in very good quiality so you can change your wallpaper every day in month.


Popular Movie Quotes Trivia Popular Movie Quotes Trivia v2.0

We all enjoy watching movies. What's your favorite movie?
This trivia is updated for HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Sony Erricson, and other new devices.

In this trivia quiz you can test your movie quote skills.
See how well you know classical movie lines and quotes.


Vampire Diaries Quiz Vampire Diaries Quiz v3.0

Are you a real fan of the most popular serial movie "Vampire Diaries"?
Let's check that out with this quiz.
Here you have the chance to test your knowledge about The Vampire Diaries for FREE!!!

The quiz contains 20 multiple questions including questions about:
-Elena Gilbert ;
-Stefan Salvatore ;
-Damon Salvatore ;
-many others ;


WiFi Hacker PRANK WiFi Hacker PRANK v9.0

This app is for FREE !!!

This is the best android application to hack the WiFi networks.

This app have software for hacking WiFi networks.

This is not a harmful software, but it is very useful.

Unlock any protected WiFi network.

-Hack (crack) WEP security
-Use brute-forse attach to find network key
-Hack WPA2 (for this kind of security hacking can take longer)
-Hack your neighbors Wifi Password (key).
-Brick ses AES/CCMP encryption.

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