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Card Games Card Games v1.4

Two popular card games. In Memory Snap you need to win as many cards as possibles. Counting cards is necessary as you shouldn't throw a card with the same number with an opponent's card.

In Suspense you need to throw all your cards away. Players take turns in throwing one card after one other. The card thrown must have the same number or color with the card down on the table.


Einstein's Riddle Einstein's Riddle v3.65

Einstein's riddle or "Zebra puzzle" is a well known riddle attributed to Albert Einstein. In a neighborhood of five houses one is given some clues regarding the habits of the house owners and is asked to identify the one that owns the fish (or zebra in some variations).

The application allows you to solve the puzzle with the aid of a nice User Interface. You can solve the original problem and many variations.


Fruit Catcher Fruit Catcher v1.1

Eating fruits is good for your health. As fruits fall from the sky you can try to catch as many as you can. But wait, you must prefer in-season fruits. These are better both for your health and the environment. When fruits are falling, slide your device to move the basket and catch them.


Peg Solitaire Peg Solitaire v1.51

This is an implementation of the classic Peg Solitaire game for Android phones.

Main features:

- Play the classic game as well as many variations
- Square, Square with diagonal moves and triangular boards supported
- Select one out of 3 different themes
- Create and play your own boards
- Machine search for a solution. Works both for built-in and custom boards. It may be slow for big boards.


Puzzle Solver Puzzle Solver v1.91

This is a collection of some well known riddles. You can play "8 Queens", "Knight's tour", "Solo" and "Light's Out". For all games variations are offered and you can also computer search for a solution.

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