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Bouncy Ball Bouncy Ball v1.0

Bouncy Ball is simple and addictive arcade game. The main task is to hit with the ball all the padles in given order. Drag the ball and throw it on right part of the screen.


Love Dice Love Dice v1.14

Spice up your erotic life with Love Dice.

This game will make both men and women willing to enter into the innocent fun and will introduce the erotic mood.


Make a Baby! Make a Baby! v1.6

Find out how your baby will look like!!!
You just need 2 Photos! Take two photos of you and your boyfriend/girlfriend, press button "Make a Baby" and that's it - in few seconds You can see Your future baby face!

Later you can send a generated picture on Facebook and share it with friends. Furthermore, using the application, you can save the image on the SD card, or send to your friends via e-mail.


Red Tattoo Maker Red Tattoo Maker v1.1

Red Tattoo Maker App let You try new tattoo designs, without any pain! Save the image and show your friends your new tattoo, Share on Facebook.


Scary Maze Game Scary Maze Game v1.4

Popular Scary Maze Game now on Android ;)
Scare Your friends.

First let them be involved in the game. In the most unexpected moment the monster appears and starts to scream.

make sure you have sound turned on to maximum!


Traffic Light Changer Traffic Light Changer v1.13

AMAZE your friends!! CHANGE STREET LIGTHS!!!!!!!
Application is sending signal to a preemptive sensor on a traffic light. Thanks to this It changes from red to green.

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