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Coolest RingTones Coolest RingTones v1.0

Enjoy free hight quality ringtones.

You can set them as your default ringtone,notification, alarma or you can share it with your friends

70 amazing ringtones


Dance Ringtones Dance Ringtones v2.5

Dance Ringtones

Getting tired of the same old ringtones on your Android phone?

Enjoy a lot of new hight quality ringtones as wild one two , resurrection( caffan), where have you been (rihanna) ... much more.

- loreen (euphoria)
- gaitana
- marihuana
- Te fuiste - Jose De Rico + Henry Mendez
- Call me maybe - carly rae jepsen
- zaleilah - Mandinga

update every two weeks with the tops songs of list.

there are not the full songs, only a ringtone.


Logos quiz Logos quiz v1.0

Logos quiz

This is a quiz game where you have to guess the logos of different brands


trivialquestions trivialquestions v1.0

Trivia Questions


Wanted, los mas buscados Wanted, los mas buscados v1.0

Relive the Old West with "most Wanted"

With this application you can create your own wanted poster and share it with your friends.

Get your camera so easy and simple, and send it by wassap, email.etc.

Have fun and smile

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