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Hotshot Hands Hotshot Hands v2.01

Get into the soccer/football craze and get your fingers trained! Featuring three game modes, Hotshot Hands will show you how hard being a goalkeeper in soccer/football really is! Test your endurance in the marathon mode or see if you can keep up the onslaught of soccer balls in timed mode! Also, compete with your friends in versus mode! Best of all, the app's free, so try it out today!


Mosquito Killer Mosquito Killer v2.01

Take out your rage against mosquitoes and show them who's boss! Kill mosquitoes with the tap of your finger and show mosquitoes who the boss is. Plus, compete with your friends to see who can kill the most mosquitoes. Beware however, as just like in real life the buggers can be hard to kill! No anti-itch cream needed!Now with Google Play Achievements and leaderboards(optional, requires a google account)

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