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Angry Memory Angry Memory v1.0.1

Angry Memory is a matchmaking game in which you will test your neurons. The goal is simple, you must form pairs to complete the level in as few tries as possible.


Animal Wild Rescue Animal Wild Rescue v1.0.1

Rescue wild animals in this simple and addictive match 3 game anytime, anywhere. Complete all the levels making stars and the best possible score.
- Colorful graphics cartoonish.
- Easy to play but difficult to master.
- Get as many stars on each level.
- Three different types of levels.
- 48 amazing levels.


Arkasteroid Arkasteroid v1.1.3

It is a game where you take control of a spacecraft that is able to monitor space objects. In this case the object is a asteroid.
Your goal is to create chaos in the Universe and destroy every last remnant of existing civilization in the galaxy. With a gameplay similar to classic brick-breaker games, you must destroy all barriers and scroll through 100 levels divided by three campaigns (Milky Way, Orion and Andromeda).


Christmas Candy Crash Christmas Candy Crash v1.0.7

Enjoy this free game where everyone can play anytime. The goal is simple: swap and match different objects and keep the snowman without melting as long as you can before time runs out.


- Colorful graphics and fun set in Christmas.
- You will not need much time to play a game (ideal for casual gamers).
- LEADERBOARDS for you and your friends through Facebook.
- Game available in 10 languages.


Jewel of Persia Jewel of Persia v1.0.0

Jewel of Persia is an addictive game where you will connect jewels with the same type and collect points which will serve you to acquire power ups. There is a time limit in which you have to get the best score.


Rainbow Candy Jump Rainbow Candy Jump v1.0.0

Meets a sweet jumper, avoids the ghosts enemies and get the maximum number of candies in this funny jumper game.


Use the accelerometer and control the directions in an intuitive way.
Collect candies with different colours.
Avoid the enemies or you cannot keep jumping.
Different types of platforms
Amazing and colorful graphics.
Game where everyone can play. Only a few will dominate it.
Get the best score and beat yourself.


Romanoku Romanoku v1.0.3

Have you ever played with roman numerals in a sudoku?

Surely not.

Well here's a chance to play in a unique way to this original game. The rules are the same as the classic Sudoku, 3 difficulty levels and more than 600 levels (a challenge for any user) and it has a Roman atmosphere throughout the game.


Sweet and Love Valentine Sweet and Love Valentine v1.0.0

The magic and love of Valentine is here. Switch and match 3 or more sweet hearts to walk through more than 40 levels in this completely new puzzle adventure.

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