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Andry and his 21 magic items Andry and his 21 magic items v1.3

Andry guesses your choice! Choose an object among the 21 items available. Indicates, for Andry, the column that contains the object chosen, three times. Shake your smartphone and the object that you had chosen, will be released from the magic hat. Andry will guide you throughout the game: you have to select a language among the 4 available


Happy Valentine s Day Card Happy Valentine s Day Card v3.0.1

E-Cards to wish a happy Valentine's Day. Each image can be easily set as your wallpaper, sent to your love, via mms, e-mail, bluetooth and shared through social networks. The application can also be installed on the external card. The shared images are saved into the root folder of your device.
Also you can set this application as livewallpaper: in settings page of livewallpaper, you can set the delay time of change images. The images will change with a fade effect.


Merry Christmas Cards Merry Christmas Cards v2.7

85 e-cards of the highest quality for your Christmas greetings.
Each image can be easily set as your wallpaper, sent to friends.


River in dense vegetation River in dense vegetation v1.3

This live wallpaper shows a real river in a green and dense vegetation. The images resolution are HD quality (1920x1080). Above it, fly some colorful and touch-sensitive butterflies. Paid Version


Skull 3D Pro - Inforbit Skull 3D Pro - Inforbit v1.0

This live wallpaper is a 3d animation of a human skull that rotates 360 degrees. For all lovers of the dark, this live wallpaper is a must.


Smartphone in the sea Pro Smartphone in the sea Pro v1.0

This live wallpaper shows a video from my smartphone while it floats in the water of the tropical sea. :-) You can set the speed of the wave of sea in the setting panel.


Space Travel Pro Space Travel Pro v1.0

This live wallpaper shows an animation of a space travel, from the planet Saturn to our planet Earth. It shows the planets Saturn, Jupiter and Mars and then go beyond the Moon and come to our beautiful planet. you can see, also, the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. The arrival on the planet Earth is shown with a rising of the sun In the preferences you can adjust the speed of the animation through a horizontal bar.


Volcanic Explosion Pro Volcanic Explosion Pro v1.0

This live wallpaper shows a real and spectacular volcanic explosion with emission of lava and magma, taken from a real video in HD.
This application contains 81 frames that fit, automatically, the resolution of your smartphone. You can adjust the speed of the animation, in the settings page, via a graphical slider. This wallpaper is very impressive because it shows, in the end, a spectacular rain of fire.


Wargate Wargate v1.0

Inside one of the piramid of Giza archeologists found an ancient script dated back in 2570bc
The gravings tell of intergalactic bridges (stargate) that will activate 12-21-2012. Allowing an alien civilization to get to our system and invade earth, extracting our resources…

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