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Alien Alien v5.012

Your own ET – except that this one glows in the dark.

NO spyware, NO malware.

FREE BONUS backgrounds: broken screen and squashed mosquitoes.


Alien 2 Alien 2 v3.1

The alien live wallpaper gives you an alien to look out for you. Wherever you go and whatever you do as long as you’ve got your phone will you the alien will fight off your enemies – and make your device look cooler than ever. A metal alien face will move back and forth as you’re browsing your apps – and while you’re doing anything else as well.


Aquarius Aquarius v3.1

This Aquarius makes your phone as special as you are!

The people born in the sign of Aquarius are probably the most aloof people you’ll ever meet. This does not mean, however, that they’re unemotional - quite the contrary, they connect to people much faster than any other sign in the Zodiac. The Aquarius falls in love faster than most people - but they also fall out of love as fast as that. Most often, once could find an Aquarius helping out in shelters or volunteering wherever


Aries Aries v3.1

Show the world what a proud Aries you are!

The Aries is the most independent sign in the Zodiac. People born in the sign of Aries are enthusiastic and optimistic and courageous, but also impulsive, that could be both good and bad, and impatient. These people go for what they want and speak up for what they believe in, but are also ready to fight for what they stand for, and can be short tempered if provoked.


Atom Atom v5.012

The power of atom will boost your battery.
NO spyware, NO malware
Free bonus - cracked glass and squashed mosquitoes backgrounds.


Baloons Baloons v3.1

The balloons live wallpaper adds a number of colorful, differently shaped balloons, flying all through the background screen of your device. Everyone loves balloons – and there isn’t a better way to celebrate any occasion than with one. Or a lot. This is exactly what this live wallpaper brings to your device – the balloons are of different sizes, different forms and different colors – and they’re all flying towards the sky. Just watch out – you don’t want all of them flying off to the sky!


Bangladesh Bangladesh v5.0

Your own portable Bangladesh flag!

NO ads, NO push notifications
NO spyware, NO malware
NO permissions required

FREE BONUS - cracked glass and squashed mosquitoes backgrounds


Be my Valentine Be my Valentine v3.1

The Be my Valentine live wallpaper is the perfect phone background for the upcoming season of love
and romance! And the perfect way to ask the one you like or love to be your Valentine – especially
if you’re too shy to do it in person! Add a bunch of big, red hearts to the background of your phone
– and a golden chain, engraved with “Be my Valentine” in front of them! Show it to your loved one,
sit back, relax… And wait for them to say yes.


Beach Crab Beach Crab v5.2

Your own exotic pet – inside your phone!
NO spyware, NO malware
Free bonus - cracked glass and squashed mosquitoes backgrounds.


Beating Valentine heart Beating Valentine heart v3.1

The Valentine heart beating live wallpaper is perfect for the upcoming season
of hearts and flowers and love. It features a big, beautiful heart, beating,
just like yours when you see the one you love. The heart changes colors and
never stops beating – and check it out, maybe it will skip a beat when that
special someone calls.

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