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Android development. Simple applications and games with robust design and easy-to-use user interface.

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Cool Cars Cool Cars v4.4

COOL CARS - watch and vote for cool cars

The application shows you pictures of cool cars, such as sports and luxury cars shared by people worldwide. See a picture of Ferrari, Lamborghini and many more. Vote for your favorite - it is your vote that counts! Is it cool or not?

✔ New picture upload system
✔ Automated voting system
✔ Easy-to-use
✔ Suitable for any device
✔ Free!

This application uses internet connection. It is FREE! Try it now!


Formula Car Game Formula Car Game v2.3

FORMULA CAR GAME - simple, addictive and fun formula racing game for kids! Be a formula driver, try to stay on track, watch other cars and slippery oil! Download Now, it's FREE!


Sheep Game Sheep Game v1.2

Android Sheep Game is simple and fun "catch a sheep" type of game for kids where you aim to tap as many sheeps as you can and not to let lambs disappear when they are looking from left & right edges of the screen. This is a simple action & arcade game, a bit of dummy as well :-)

The design is made by my sons, 6 and 9 years old boys, who basically guided me to create a simple "catch a sheep" game which can be used with one finger and had to include music and nice sounds effects like fart :-)


Tap Sheep Tap Sheep v1.1

Purpose is to tap as many sheep as you can! And more you tap and catch, the more points you get. Tapping angry and smelly dog gives minus points!

Tap Sheep game is a funny arcade and action game user uses his/her device's touch screen and try to tap appearing sheep from left and right.

Works fluently on any touch screen Samsung, HTC, ZTE, Motorola, LG and SonyEricsson Android smartphones. Designed for lower resolutions, such as 320x480, so it might not look that great in big tablets.

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