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Bottle Capper Bottle Capper v1.0

BottleCapper is a simple and fun time-waster! Cap beer bottles as they scroll!


Finger Dash Finger Dash v2.0

Welcome To Finger Dash!

*I am considering making this a paid app on the SlideME Market. Get it while it's free!

How To Play: Use whatever finger flicking strategy you think is best to run to the end of the level without hitting spikes. If you hit 3 spikes, you lose! Gems will show up every once in a while. Try to hit these, as they will make you invincible for 5 seconds. There are 10 levels to beat. Lastly, try to have fun!


Ricochet Ricochet v1.9

Ricochet is an addictive arcade game! There are 20 levels! Enjoy!


Word War Word War v1.0

The concept is simple and addicting! Spell words with the letters flying across the screen. If it is a word, the definition will be displayed. The more words you spell, the higher you level up! It's a great time killer! Submit your high score to our global leader board! Welcome to Word War!

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