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Programming Languages and Applications: o Java, C, C++: competent in programming medium to large sized programs, such as videogames and tiered web applications. o SQL: knowledge of the SQL syntax to perform database design and transactions o Shell scripting on UNIX systems to automate daily tasks o Experience with java-centric 3-tiered systems incorporating JBoss and MySQL o Knowledge in application of java in a web based system using JavaScript and Servlets o Experience is programming, designing and implementing Android applications Computer Skills: - Experienced user of Microsoft Office products - Competent with Web 2.0 applications, such as browsing, using wikis, accessing repositories, e-mail and coding HTML - Familiarity with UNIX OS systems e.g. Ubuntu and Fedora - Experience with the Eclipse development environment - Experience with the subversion software versioning system Concepts: - Object Oriented Programming and Design patterns, Incorporated in various projects Languages: Proficient in English and Indonesian
- Genetic Programming: Implemented a genetic programming system for final year project at UTS culminating in a paper presented at the SAC 2011 conference in Taiwan - Professional gaming enthusiast: Participation in progaming related activities such as contributing to the community by raising awareness and submitting strategies. - Reading: Mostly prefer Science Fiction or Non-fiction relating to interest e.g. Evolution, Genetic Programming, Computer Science or History.

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Knight Knight v1.1

Take the role of a knight and make your final stand against an evil horde of orcs. Use your skills and wits to battle various enemies and become a champion.

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