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Airspace Airspace v1.0.0

Take off and fly as long as you can!


Endless Invaders Endless Invaders v1.0.0

Fight for your life against those evil invaders from the outer space!


Real Estate Real Estate v1.0.0

Buy and sell the houses to earn a lot of money.


Red Door Red Door v1.0.0

Your goal is so simple: jump on the platforms and get to the next red door!


Rolling Stone Rolling Stone v1.0.1

A brand new gameplay experience is here!
Roll on the screen sides and avoid the challenging obstacles!


Secret Word Secret Word v1.0.1

You have 3 words and you need to figure out the fourth word.


Slide The Color Slide The Color v1.0.0

Slide your finger to launch the ball at the direction that matches the ball's color.


Tap Island Tap Island v1.0.0

Tap Island used to be a quiet and nice island but suddenly some weird and crazy enemies stormed this awesome place.


Timeline Timeline v1.0.0

Try to put all the cards in the right order on the timeline!

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