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candy cake Defence candy cake Defence v1.0

Protect the chocolate cake from the children that want to take a bite.
As the game proceeds it becomes more and more difficult as the number of children

that appear increases and they become faster.


farm Hero smiley Dan farm Hero smiley Dan v1.0

Welcome to Farm hero smiley Dan.
Help smiley Dan collect all the apples from his farm.


horse run game horse run game v1.0

Help our hero horse called Brown to avoid the cowboy and eat as much apple as he can.


just a jigsaw puzzle just a jigsaw puzzle v1.0

Are you a fan of jigsaw puzzle games?
If the answer is yes, try just jigsaw puzzle.

Just jigsaw puzzle is a wildly addictive game! Jigsaw puzzles for all ages. Jigsaw Puzzles provide hours of entertainment for you and your whole family.


match story animals zoo match story animals zoo v1.0

Welcome to zoo animals match Story.

This is a Match game with a view from the ZOO.Match the ZOO animals and create high score.

There is neither moves nor time counter in the game so that you can have endless fun.


Sweet Rush Sweet Rush v2.0

This game is the story of Mona and her evil twin brother. Her brother were jealous of Mona's candy and he stole it. As he trying to get away carring all the candy, Mona tried to STOP him but she didn't make it. Her brother in order to revenge her threw her candy in mazes.

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