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Application of computer devices to personal life. I program devices from store till, palm pilot, computers. i have owned and programmed on apple, amiga, ibm, running such operating systems from apple rom, msdos, amigaOS, OS2warp, windows 3.1 though to win8, languages from machine code, vanilla c, c++, c#, php, python, java, javascript. I have used bbs, sneakernet, internet, and admined many networks. I am self taught, and think outside the box.
some old, but sites that may intrest you. flash is used and an old java class was used. I am going to chuck a site together soon for (these sites are quite old) my online (old) resume: online documentation of my security system: one of my gameing fan sites: only sites pertaining to programming are here.

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flowercity flowercity v1.03

This is my demo game showing my skill for companies looking for a programmer. It is a full game developed solely by myself.

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