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C, C++, CUDA for GPGPU, Java, Android, Graphics and Music.
Android Game Development, Android Tablet Software Development

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15Monsters 15Monsters v1.4

This game is like the classic 15 puzzle, but with little animated monsters as cells. Sort all the monsters from 1 to N in multiple-sized grids!


Green Screen Green Screen v1.3.6

Green Screen is a funny application for your Android mobile phone that allows you to create, in real-time, the "Chroma Key" or "Green Screen" effect when you are taking a photo. The Chroma Key is an effect often used in movies, interviews and weither forecast broadcasts, where someone (e.g. the meteorologist) stands in front of a green/blue screen, and then a picture (e.g. the weather map) is added on those parts in the image where the color is green/blue.


Jelly Jelly Jelly Jelly v1.0

Jelly Jelly is a colorful and amusing puzzle game inspired by the best puzzle classics. In this game, you must destroy groups of jellies using detonators (in the shape of stars) of the same color. Be quick or you will face a line of jelly timers as penalty. Have fun!

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