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Colour Slide Colour Slide v1.1

Slide rows and columns of coloured counters so no two counters overlap.


Cube Maze Cube Maze v1.0

Solve three mazes at once in the hollow cube.


Detective Chess Detective Chess v2.1

A challenging deduction game based on the rules of Chess. Chess pieces are placed on a board, but you don't know which is which. You have to deduce where each piece goes from the number of times certain squares are attacked.


It All Works Out! It All Works Out! v1.3

Can you make the sums work out?

Drag the numbered blocks into the grid, until the sums across and down are all correct.


Oozing Empires Oozing Empires v1.1

Grow your empire to dominate the world! Five-minute strategy game with simple rules.


Pattern Match Pattern Match v1.2

Tiles change when you click! Find the correct sequence to match the pattern you are given. Lots of options for easy or hard games. A free Android puzzle game for all ages.


Polydoku Polydoku v1.0

Place the pieces to make a valid Sudoku-style square


RPS Annihilate RPS Annihilate v1.0

Capture rock, paper or scissors on the board, until only one is left!

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