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Candy Beat Candy Beat v1.05

A very attractive and sweet game is presented - Candy Beat. Imagine you are in a battle where you have to overcome the challenge of bulk funny candy to be the king of candy world.


Fashion Doll Dress Up Fashion Doll Dress Up v1.03

Practice your hand at being a fashion stylist for our doll Sophie. To help her attract the prince’s look at the party tonight, dress up Sophie Doll in many different outfits: select hair style, dress, make-up style and shoes, accessorize with cute earrings, then take some nice photos and show them to your friends. Enjoy!


Masquerade Mask Dress Up Masquerade Mask Dress Up v1.0

Mysterious! Beautiful and delightful! It’s coming and you’re invited to the most excited event of the year - the Masquerade! A masquerade is an event which the participants attend in beautiful costume wearing a mask. Words cannot describe the amazingness of this masquerade, it’s like the scenes in a fairy tale. Let’s prepare for the wonderful night.


Mermaid Dress Up Mermaid Dress Up v1.05

Mermaids are the ones that fascinate most! Meet the Mermaid Princess, girls, and check her angelic features and magnetizing charm! Today she’s inviting you to discover her steps of glamor...


Monster Busters Monster Busters v1.02

Do you think that all the monsters are very scary? I do not think so. There are adorable monsters that we have not seen. Let's get acquainted with the one-eye cute monsters in "Monster Busters"!


Monster Lines Monster Lines v1.01

MONSTER LINES is a puzzle game for Android, it is the combination of monster style and the classic line game - an intellectual game very familiar to everyone. Touch to move the monsters and score as many points as possible by making monsters of one color form various lines.


Monster School Girl Monster School Girl v1.0

There are many mysterious people in the world. Have you heard about ghouls? Are they scary as what people think?
Sammy, a brave girl wants to discover secret things about ghouls, so she decided to cosplay a monster girl and mingle in the Monster school which was established for ghouls only. Help her look like a ghoul by dressing her up with the monster outfits and accessories so that she won't be detected. Who ghoul Sammy will cosplay?


My Baby Dress Up My Baby Dress Up v1.03

The cute baby Dora Smith is going on a vacation with her friends, she brings too many clothes and accessories, so she can’t choose the best outfit. Help your little girl look beautiful with the things she has.. Don’t let Dora wait more, start and show your fashion style right now! Enjoy it!


Pet Pop Mania Pet Pop Mania v1.08

"Pet Pop Mania" was a simple game for Android, IOS, this is kind of addictive game developed based on match-3. Funny pets with many colors, different shapes free fall from the top to the bottom of the screen, sorted and clutter piling up...


Pop Monster Pop Monster v1.0.1

Pop Monster is an addictive game with nice graphic design, and lively sounds. The cute one-eye monsters with difference colors attract you and make your challenge more difficult and funny.

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