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Jumping Marble Solitaire Jumping Marble Solitaire v1.1.4

Get the classic game Marble Solitaire adaptation by GavApps. This is an old board game with interesting features and different levels of difficulty.
The game requires your imagination, intelligence and patience to solve it.


Math for Kids Math for Kids v2.0.0

Math for kids is a great game where you can test your intelligence.
This is a logic game where some knowledge about mathematics and algebra are required.
This game was created for children of all ages but it is interesting and fun for everyone.

Have fun!


Quick Touch Multiplayer Quick Touch Multiplayer v1.2

Quick Touch Multiplayer is a very funny and addictive game.
You can play against a friend in the multiplayer mode or just yourself to train, increase your speed or for fun.
Single player or multiplayer, the rule is very simple. Touch in the correct order a list of numbers, letters, roman numbers, greek and russian letters, chinese, thai, arabic numbers or something else as quick as you can.
The multiplayer game is a very good way to test your speed and reflexes with a friend.
Enjoy the game!


The Mouse Labyrinth The Mouse Labyrinth v1.2

Help your hungry mouse to find the cheese.
Test your skills in 60 levels (more to come).
Collect hourglasses to expend your time.
Touch the screen to move the mouse through the maze.
If you find a wall with a color key over it you can open it by finding the key with the same color.
Teleport doors are one way. Be careful not to get yourself trap as not all the teleport doors are usefully.
Watch out for the traps as it will open as you go past it. So you can’t go back.
Have fun!

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