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Agent Tap Agent Tap v1.01

Earn cash by stopping thieves from stealing it and become a MILLIONAIRE! You are 'AGENT TAP'


Astro Dash Astro Dash v1.01

Space is full of asteroids and you are in a rocket, your only aim is SURVIVAL!
Your rocket is loaded with phaser beams. Shoot them at asteroids and destroy them, score as much as possible!


Cricket Knockdown Cricket Knockdown v1.0

Cricket Knockdown is a simple yet addictive game with only one objective: KNOCKDOWN STUMPS!
Can you complete all the 50 LEVELS in this game??


Football Cannon Football Cannon v1.0.3

The original football cannon game!!


Go Santa! Go Santa! v1.06

It's Christmas and Santa's on a mission: to gift kids! He has a list of children from A to Z and is set out to complete his ambition.But it's never that simple, is it? Santa's gifting spree is being stopped by Evil Mimes who want to steal from Santa! It's upto you now to make Christmas special for these kids. Play as Santa and help him make the kids happy this Christmas season! Collect gifts, candy and lots more to come! Simple controls, simple concept, simple game play!


Jellybean Madness Jellybean Madness v1.03

The madness begins here, with Jellybean Madness! Simple yet addictive game. Control the Jellybean with your phone's accelerometer and bounce your way to glory by collecting sugar cubes!


Kites Mumbai Kites Mumbai v1.0

Kites Mumbai is a re-imagination of kites in 3d for mobile platform.


Road Trip Action Road Trip Action v1.01.1

Do you have the stunt DNA in you? Try out this game and set out for some driving action to test the same!
Road Trip Action is all about cars, stunts, loops, hammers and wacky level designs! The game is set to test you to your driving limits.

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