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B&W Fun B&W Fun v2.0

Five animated, black and white wallpapers.
Go to settings to set animation you want.


ColorBook3D ColorBook3D v1.2.5

Coloring Book 3D !

FGG Coloring Book 3D - color book for preschool kids.
16 simple 3D objects easy to paint.
Scale, move, rotate object, pick color and paint in 3D!


Dreaming Girl Dreaming Girl v1.2

Lovely dreaming girl.

Blinking eyes, animated lights.


FGG Christmas Wallpaper FGG Christmas Wallpaper v1.2

Live Wallpaper with Santa, snow falling and lights :)
And there are gifts falling ! :)

- physics snowflakes and gifts
- tap to turn on lights on house and trees
- flying Santa


FGG Christmas Wallpaper Lite FGG Christmas Wallpaper Lite v1.2

Merry Christmas!

Live Wallpaper with physics snowflakes.

Be sure to check full version for flying Santa droping gifts and switchable lights on house and trees.

Also check our new wallpaper: FGG Snowman Wallpaper :)


FGG Domino For Kids FGG Domino For Kids v1

Simple puzzle domino game for kids


FGG Memory Animals FGG Memory Animals v1

Memory Game for kids.
You have to remove pairs: parent-child.
Simple and cute pictures.


FGG Memory For Kids FGG Memory For Kids v1.2

Simple Memory game for kids.
Simple and cute pictures.

New version !!


FGG Snowman Wallpaper FGG Snowman Wallpaper v1.0

Here's the snowman and there're lights on a beautiful winter night.
Now.... shake your phone!
Do you know this tune?
Can you play it?

But wait!
There's more songs. Go to Settings :)


FGG Snowman Wallpaper Lite FGG Snowman Wallpaper Lite v1.0

Here's the snowman and there're lights on a beautiful winter night.
Now.... shake your phone !
Do you know this tune ?
Can you play it ?

Be sure to check full version where
You can choose:
- two more songs (Jingle Bells!)
- enable/disable song
- set sensitivity
- enable/disable snow

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