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Arjun at bird hunting Arjun at bird hunting v4

One day guru “Dronacharya” decided to test Arjun. He called him and said “if you are really a best archer go to forest and hit the maximum birds you can.


BalloonBoom BalloonBoom v1.1

Hooray!... we are in a village fair. It has so many shops but the most beautiful and attractive shop is "BALLOON BOOM" shop. It is decorated with colorful balloons. We simply have to blast balloons with the help of gun and get points.... This game is full of fun and entertainment and we can enjoy some special powers too.. The game is entertaining for all age groups because it reminds us of our childhood and everyone loves to relive his/her childhood. Lets blow maximum balloons and enjoy :)


HappyDussehra HappyDussehra v1.0

Happy Dussehra ! Based on death of great devil Ravan.In the period of 3500bc the great demon ravan comes with lots of power and won whole world , he became famous from his cruelty and Tyranny on humans.


Krishna the ButterEater Krishna the ButterEater v1.1

The Amazing boy Krishna, a village boy, hero of Indian mythology, we can call him Lord Krishna…..But what is this!!!!He is too Hungary and want to eat. Everybody knows that he loves Butter; it means all villagers butter pots are not safe from naughty butter eater Krishna. But villagers are too smart they placed some empty pots also so that Krishna cannot get butter easily…. This is the best part of game.


Merry Christmas Merry Christmas v2.1

This is Christmas time and Santa Claus is mean to distribute gifts. It is said that Santa brings gifts to the homes of the good children during the late evening and overnight hours of Christmas Eve, but this time scenario is quiet different… Santa thought to tease you and he puts some empty socks without gifts so if you want your gift search it within the socks.

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