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2D Autumn in Japan 2D Autumn in Japan v1.0.5

Turn your wallpaper into a beautiful town in Autumn


2D Sakura Town 2D Sakura Town v1.0.8

The only Live Wallpaper on earth that give you a beautiful town with falling sakura and flying dragons...


Balance the Bomb Balance the Bomb v1.9.2

Fate of the world is in your hand. Literally.

Tilt your phone to keep the dynamite standing for as long as possible.


Balance the Bomb (no banner) Balance the Bomb (no banner) v1.8.5

Tilt your phone to control the hand. Keep the nuclear stick standing for as long as possible. Or else...


Drag Ping Pong Drag Ping Pong v0.9.4

Perhaps the simplest & free drag & tilt table tennis game for Android!


Dynamite Defuse Dynamite Defuse v1.5.9

Stop the exploding dynamites with your bare foot!


Dynamite Defuse (no banner) Dynamite Defuse (no banner) v1.5.5

Stomp on the burning fuses to prevent explosion!


Flick Ninja Flick Ninja v1.4.3

Throw shuriken with the flick of your finger!

Welcome to the battle of flying weapons. Fight against crazy opponents, hone your skills in Combo mode, or fight to the death in a Survival battle!


Flick Ninja (no banner) Flick Ninja (no banner) v1.3.8

Throw shuriken with a flick of your finger!


Grab Me If U Can(no banner) Grab Me If U Can(no banner) v1.5.4

Pull your finger up when the music stop!

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