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Connect Them Connect Them v1.0.1

A kind of match-2 game, like Fruit Link, Pikachu Kawai, Pokemon, MatchUp,...


Fruit Shooter Fruit Shooter v1.0

Fruit Shooter is a kind of Bubble Shooter game, and has the same playing rule as Frozen Bubble, Bubble Shooter Deluxe, Bubble Blaster, Jungle Shooter, Marble Blaster, and some other games.


GhostCamera GhostCamera v1.0.0

Use “Ghost Camera” to take a photo with ghosts or add ghosts to photos in your gallery and share them with friends through Email, Facebook, Twitter and other photo services.
Different types of ghosts for you to select.
Scare your friends by taking ghost photos and sharing them.
Enjoy and have fun!


Photo Collages Camera Photo Collages Camera v1.2.4

"Photo Collages Camera" is an photo editing app, by which you can create collages of your photos. "Photo Collages Camera" includes a collection of about 100 collage templates. Those are not just square & polygon templates, but there are also circle templates, heart templates.


Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher v1.0.1

Rocket Launcher, Rocket Mania, Pipes Connect, Rocket Fire.
Connect pipes from oil to rocket to fire the rockets.


Solitaire Game Solitaire Game v1.1.4

Classic Solitaire game

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