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DWC V1 DWC V1 v1.4

This is a simply wallpaper changer as a wallpaper service. After installation you must only copy your pictures in the "DWC_Images"-directory. At least set DWC as Live Wallpaper. The pictures will change frequently if you touch the screen.

For better performance keep your images small.

In the current version you can select between synchronious and random display of files!


Interval Trainer Interval Trainer v1.0

Interval Trainer is a simple, usable and easy to use tool for all who are interested in training, boxing, running, sprinting, Tabata, cycling and many others.

You can create individual workouts with round number, effort time and pause time between each interval.
Everybody who interested for sports should try this app!

Running on Android 4.0+


Trainer Trainer v1.0

"Trainer" app is a counter for interval training.

You can set following settings:
- how long should be a round
- how long should be the break (small break) after each round
- after how many rounds will be the big break
- how long should be the big break

Now you can start your interval training. Ten secons before each round or break ends, you hear three dongs. If a round or break ends, you hear a simple dong.

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