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Programming languages known: C, C++, Java, C#, Squirrel, SQL. Good verbal and communication skill. Knowledge of working in GIMP 2.8, Unity, Eclipse, Blender.
Interested in knowing and learning new technologies. Game development. Testing new apps and games.

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ACB (Free) ACB (Free) v1.1

Auto Call Blocker (Free) is a productivity app which lets you add phone numbers to the apps internal database.

These numbers are checked against the incoming number and if there is a match then that call is blocked automatically without user interaction and a voice notification is provided using the Text to Speech facility of your phone.

It supports wild card numbers.
Example: +919??306???? , +1254??41??


Bumpy Adventures I Bumpy Adventures I v1.0

Bumpy Adventures is a infinite side scrolling game.

The player has to control the bumpy across varying platforms by jumping around it and controlling the speed.
As the game progresses Bumpy starts moving swiftly becoming difficult to control him. Collect the coins to boost your score. In the end only score matters.
Collect the heart to gain extra lives. This will give chance to boost your score.
Please make sure to see credits to support the developers.


Dude! Escape Dude! Escape v1.0

Have you ever tried to escape from zombies.
This game gives you a large number of zombies coming at you to eat you. Dodge as fast as possible to escape from zombies. Don't ever clash with zombies.
Do you think only zombies are stopping you, think again, there are road blocks, mines, rocks to stop you.
Swipe left or right to change direction.
This is a 3d endless runner game.


Millenium Alien Millenium Alien v1.0

Millenium Alien is a 2D shooter game. Here user assumes the role of operator of a super weapon to start a fightback against the merciless aliens, who laugh at our struggle for survival.


Snake Snake v1.11

This is the remake of classic retro "Snake" game. Here you assume the role of snake "emo" and play the game.
This game comes in two modes
1. Free run: Unlimited gameplay.
2. Campaign: Story mode of game with 12 levels and increasing difficulty.
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